A habitat for Iris laevigatas in Kariya city

There is a special habitat for Iris laevigatas in Kariya city, Aichi Japan where I live. See here about more details. Today I visit there. The irises are in flower now.   

This habitat was designated as a japanese special natural treasure in 1938. My city manages this habitat. The irises live there naturally, therefore neither fertilizer nor pesticide is used for them. But there are many plants which hinder the irises' growth. Some people (neibors, students, many company employees in this area) remove the hindering plants every year as a volunteer.








Hej. Jeg er "Syltetoejsglas". Jeg er japaner. Jeg er blevet færdig med min kandidatuddannelse i Danmark. Nu er jeg i Japan og venter på at starter mit nye job. På denne blog vil jeg skrive om mit daglige liv på dansk og engelsk. Både almindelige kommentarer og rettelser af mine danske skrifter er velkomne.
Hello. I'm "Syltetoejsglas (= "jam jar" in danish)". I'm japanese. I'm finish my master course in the university in Denmark. Now I'm in Japan and waiting for starting my new job. I'll write about my daily life in English and danish in this blog. Both ordinary comments and corrections of my english writing are welcome.

Thank you for visiting!
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