A habitat for Iris laevigatas in Kariya city

There is a special habitat for Iris laevigatas in Kariya city, Aichi Japan where I live. See here about more details. Today I visit there. The irises are in flower now.   

This habitat was designated as a japanese special natural treasure in 1938. My city manages this habitat. The irises live there naturally, therefore neither fertilizer nor pesticide is used for them. But there are many plants which hinder the irises' growth. Some people (neibors, students, many company employees in this area) remove the hindering plants every year as a volunteer.







Driving in Japan

I practice driving by car in my city. I have already got my driving licence in Denmark. And I have already switched from my danish licence to the a japanese one. So I can drive legally in Japan legally. But there are many different surroundings for driving from Denmark. But there are many things, which are different from driving in Denmark.

1. Cars should run on the left side of the loads, like in England.
2. Many people including my family don't have a manual transmission car. I have to learn to drive an automatic transmission car.
3. Some roads are so narrow that I can barely run pass through them by my car.
4. Some loads don't have a cycleload and or a sidewalk. Pedestrians, cyclists and cars are on the same lane sometimes with leading to a kind of chaos.
5. Of course there are more pedestrians, cyclists and cars in Japan than in Denmark.

I need another sense of driving in Japan. Furthermore, my car is not my own. It is my father's car. He hates that when his car is scratched. He always checks the car, to see whether I scratched after I drived while I driving. It puts a lot of pressure on me to drive 100% safety and correctly. His car is his treasure. But I think cars are just for transportation.

A hard time

Yesterday I receved a letter from an university. They said "You have been assessed as qualified for a PhD as such, but..." I have received all of the answers of the PhD aplications that I have send. All of the answers said I am qualified for PhD, but not for the positions.

I have to go back to Japan soon. I cannot live here without some visa, I need a job in DK to get a visa. "L" said to me once to get marry and get a visa. I really really don't want to do with this way. Why does he have to pay 100.000DKK as a guarantee to marry me? Why do I have to take an danish exam to marry him? We will have to have quite many problems of visa even though we can get married just because I'm from non-EU country. How we can make a plan for our life with a problem that I may not be able to live in DK 2 years later? It is the best for his happiness to find a new danish or an EU-citizen girlfriend.

So I have started to find a job in Japan. Yesterday my application was rejected by a company. I'd like to get a job that I can use my education as an engineer in DK. But always rejected because I have no job experient as an engineer. My education is just an academic education, not an job-like experience. I don't want to think so. However many japanese company think so. They don't need people without an exactly job experience, except for young candidates. 31 years old is not young in Japan. Before I got an education in DK, I had thought it had been enough for me to get a job that I had worked before. But now, I really want a job as an engineer. How is regrettable that I through my education away! It is not the time to give it up. But I am sometimes tired of thinking that I'm still happy because I wear a normal clothes and shoes. Anyway It is an only way which I can to continue to send applications with keeping smile.

A mojamoja cat

She is living close to my house.
In japanese, woolly (scraggly) = "mojamoja"
So she is a mojamoja cat.

Have a nice weekend!!


I'm going to stop to write new entries for 2-3 weeks.
I have found a good PhD recruitment.
I'd like to concentrate on applying on it.

See you!


Hej. Jeg er "Syltetoejsglas". Jeg er japaner. Jeg er blevet færdig med min kandidatuddannelse i Danmark. Nu er jeg i Japan og venter på at starter mit nye job. På denne blog vil jeg skrive om mit daglige liv på dansk og engelsk. Både almindelige kommentarer og rettelser af mine danske skrifter er velkomne.
Hello. I'm "Syltetoejsglas (= "jam jar" in danish)". I'm japanese. I'm finish my master course in the university in Denmark. Now I'm in Japan and waiting for starting my new job. I'll write about my daily life in English and danish in this blog. Both ordinary comments and corrections of my english writing are welcome.

Thank you for visiting!
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